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men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny

(via myheartssymphony)

it always bothers me to see people who (are not) a part of a culture and try so hard to be a part of it. they see the “coolness” of it, but refuse to accept or even acknowledge the hardships, struggles, and worship that went behind even creating such a culture. like a Gujurati bhangra dancer kicking a Pagri off stage during a Bhangra competition, where there’s obviously hundreds of Punjabis with pugs on trying to enjoy the culture they brought to this country. if you’re gonna try to embrace a culture separate from your own, don’t disgrace it, don’t disrespect it, and please don’t act like you know more than the kids/parents who literally have been brought up within it. i can’t stand seeing ignorance within my own culture. like try keeping a pug on your head your whole life, not trimming your beard, learning the 5Ks, and a little bit about our culture before you trample on in. sometimes it’s really not all about the alcohol, johri partners, jhoomer, dhamaka, butter chicken, whatever the fuck you think it is. it’s a lot more than that, so pay the respect where it’s due.